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hello RalphyG,

i think you or some program might have set the settings to show "operating system files" in the folder options. the default setting is that "protected operating system files" are hidden.

desktop.ini is a microsoft file that contains customization information for Windows generated folders AND some other user customized folders. i did a quick search for "desktop.ini" using Everything and found quite a lot of them files..

you can customize your Folder Options setting so that it shows all files -even those that are sensitive to the operating system and may have direct effects on your system.

i myself have the option for showing operating system files to be enabled. im a bit paranoid that a virus or malware might sneak in to my files and get to hide as if it were a "protected operating system file". but this habit is not very helpful to normal users (or at least you might be bothered from time to time if you keep seeing the desktop.ini file).

to hide the desktop.ini files:
  1. open any folder, click on Tools
  2. click Folder Options
  3. click the View tab
  4. Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files
  5. Click Apply to all folders
  6. Click OK

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