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Default Dell Inspiron 1525 Home Key

After switching from factory installed Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Premium 32 Bit my Home key no longer starts Dell Media Direct as it did with Vista. It will boot up Windows 7 and briefly shows the Media Direct splash but then Windows 7 seems to take over and when the boot completes Media Direct does not start as it used to in Vista.
I tried reinstalling the laest version of Dell Media Direct. I also read that Quick Start has something to do with it and so I reinstalled the latest version of that as well.
I also added this line to the Windows 7 Registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\AppPaths\DME.exe
but it had no effect.
Fortunately I had no major problems after installing Windows 7.
I would be satisfied knowing if anyone else who has a Dell Inspiron 1525 has had a similar problem.
July 20, 2011: I have discovered a file called CLLauncher.exe in the Media Direct Folder that comes up with this error: Not Found -- setPwrBtn2.exe
This may be part of the problem?

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