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Default Competition is always better

Paypal's interface/functionality has essentially remained unchanged for the past five years.
A little competition should get their innovation juices going again.
One thing I hope Gbuy has is some synergistic way of taking advantage of other Google Services, like:
  • tracking eBay shipments automatically with Gmail and Google Maps
  • Having a Gbuy folder in Gmail that keeps copies of all Gbuy transactions
  • Giving advertisers an option to use Gbuy as a form of payment so you can buy directly from Adsense ad
  • Being able to get incentives from advertisers that add to your Gbuy balance

E-cash has been largely unsucessful on the internet. Paypal has become nothing more than a person-to-person payment system largely limited to eBay's economy. Hopefully, Google has better luck with Gbuy and make it a true e-cash system that spans the whole internet.

Just my 2 g-cents

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