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Default Fix XP MBR and Partition Table

I will ask this question in a new thread since I havent really found a good answer from searching.

After having a dual boot system for a long time with Vista and XP, I decided that I was going to get rid of Vista and keep XP.

So, mistakenly, I deleted the Vista Partition on D:\ while in XP. (Confusion here because the xp partition refers to itself as D:\, but outside xp, XP partition is refered to as C:\ ?)

Before realizing something was amiss, I booted into XP repair console and did fixbmr, with no arguments. It spit out something that looked off, as in, the new drive is now device0/partition0. Didn't look right.

Then I did fixboot, also with no arguments.

Restarted, and there was no OS to boot into.

At this point I thought I lost everything, but I'm using UBCD to snoop around.
I reformatted the former VIsta partition into storage space for anything I could get off of the XP partition.

I found that all my files were still intact from XP, so I backed those up.

In short, I think i have no MBR or Partition table. I want my XP partition back to normal. Is there any easy way to do this with repair console or MBRwiz?

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