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Originally Posted by DominicD View Post
hi Adds2011,

were you able to install Spybot Search and Destroy / Malwarebytes?
From this previous post that you made

i think the culprit is a malware/virus that is consuming your computer's resources - thus delaying the normal internet startup and other programs.

if you are able to download 1. spybot search and destroy, and 2. malwarebytes
i suggest you run them on safemode, and perform a system scan with each program. delete any malware/spyware found.

also, what antivirus program are you using? i hope that it is updated with the latest virus definitions.

were you able to get a startup log from hijackthis?

depending on which thread you reply, lets stick to that discussion so we can track the progress of your possible malware/virus problem. we hope to hear updates from you soon

I got the filehack log, but I dont know how to upload it or post it, can you tell me hoe please.. Thank you..I cant see well without my glasses so my typing is slower and I keep hitting the wrong keys lol..

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