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Thanks for the tip..But I think I actually solve it.. I used registry mechanic and found 3004 registry errors and threats then it fixed em and deleted the useless ones.. My computer is running better now..Thank you for your help.. I solved part of the problem with multiple windows opening.. I had the setting for zip files opening in my browser...Just need to fix IE, I know there are alot of people with this issue..I have downloaded and scanned all the software you told me to. The SD I had found 13 errors that it fixed. Thank you..I also would like to tweak my msconfig services so my computer is not draining my resources, can you help me with that please??? I know I am asking alot, but I don't like having the hangups all the time when im only running 1 or 2 programs. Thank you for your time and help and I hope everyone treats you nice

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