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hi muleina,

i searched for that error code, and unfortunately the previous discussions on that error code is that it possibly means a failing hard drive. source of the discussion from dell official support forums is here

here is my suggestion:
1. check if your laptop is still under warranty from dell

if the laptop is still in warranty, call or email dell. tell them about the error message that you encounter, they should recognize the correct symptom and diagnosis based on the error code.


if the laptop is no longer in warranty then we can help you troubleshoot that it is indeed a hard disk problem.

detach the hard drive, and plug it into an enclosure.

if you are not sure what type of enclosure to use, determine the type of of hard disk "SATA" OR "IDE"

with the laptop hard drive now in an enclosure, connect it to a working windows computer, it should appear in the My Computer windows. try formatting it and do a disk/error check. Windows should be able to detect if the hard disk has bad sectors. if bad sectors do exist, then consider buying a replacement hard drive. its not worth the hassle and risk of trying to "repair" bad sectors and entrusting them with your data.

hard drives are much cheaper now and the storage capacity is much larger.

feel free to let us know how this works for you, good luck

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