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Default Dual boot Vista with XP problem


I have a laptop (Dell Inpirion 1525) with Vista already installed. I wanted to also install XP as a dual boot, so I tried to follow the guide below:

In order to make my problem clearer, I have outlined below what I have done so far:

1. I followed the steps in the guide in the link above. Got as far as where i need to "Shrink Volume" of my C: drive (where Vista is installed). My drive is about 100 gb, with just about 50gb used, however, in the "Shrink C" dialogue box, it was only allowing me a max volume of about 4.5 gb to shrink. As I wanted more space for my XP, i decided to find a way to shrink more volume out of the C: drive.

2. I used Easeus Partition Master to resizing/move partition of the C: drive and got 39.07 gb of unallocated space from the C: drive, and left with 60.13 gb Vista. Now, the one issue is that the 39.07 gb unallocated space shows as a logical drive when displayed by Easeus Partition Manager, and it won't allow me to convert this to a primary drive. However, in the Vista disk management window, the 39.07 gb shows as unallocated with the black tab.

3. When I right-click on the 39.07 gb unallocated drive in the Vista disk management window, and select "New Simple Volume", the "New Simple Volume Wizard" pops-up. When I click next, it shows me maximum disk space in mb as 40007, and minimum disk space in mb as 8. When I click next until I get to where I enter Volume label (as XP), and tick Perform a quick format, and then click next and finish, it keeps coming up as error: "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation"

Any advice/assistance please? Many thanks

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