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hello barbara

can you post the exact brand and model number of your laptop -- maybe we can help you check the manufacturer's website for available windows xp/vista/7 drivers.

first we must secure the drivers, and then obtain/borrow windows xp/vista/7 installer cds.

with your current working systems, you can try running ProduKey
(ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server)

ProduKey will try to detect the serial keys currently used by your Windows installation. you can take note of the serial numbers and then use them the next time your reinstall your system.

Next would be securing the installer cd's. If your computer came with the default installer cd's, that would do fine -- but it will restore your system to the default OS (if i read correctly, you have restore cd's for Windows XP and/or Vista).

Of course, remember to backup your files before attempting any reformat

goodluck, and let us know how you want to tackle this task i hope we can help and provide you suggestions

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