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hi MOLOI, try removing the CMOS battery of the laptop. it should clear the bios password.
i found the details below from the Compaq website

Compaq Mini CQ10-610CA PC
Compaq Mini CQ10-610CA PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Direct link to PDF

Cmos battery = RTC battery -- HP spare part number622351-001

Summary of instructions per the PDF file:

1. Shutdown the computer. Unplug for power adapter
2. Remove the battery pack
3. Remove the "Service access cover"

3.1.Slide the service access cover release lever (1) to the right.
3.2. Lift up the edge (2) of the service access cover until the tabs on the opposite side of the cover
are clear of the slots in the base enclosure.
3.3. Remove the cover (3).

4. Remove the RTC battery (cmos battery)

Reverse this procedure to install the RTC battery.
When installing the RTC battery, be sure the plus sign (+) faces up.

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