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I was surprised when I saw this article, cos I have been looking for a thing like this.. thou I have tried it once, I think exactly with this same app - Htttrack. but I didn't think I succeeded. so that was why I got excited when I saw this post...

Then I wanted to copy a website -www dot w3schools dot com. cos I was learning html and may be css and may be flash basics.. but each time I tried to copy this site, it took ages and would never end the operation.. sometimes it shows copied content to be up to about 500 mb, but it either does not go above that or never ends the operation.

I kept wondering if it was possible to perform the task with the app. or if the website was too large or if there was something preventing it from completing successfully..

well, as it is now, I may have to try it again since it's coming from the main man DominicD. hope u don't mind..

or do u have any other thing I would have done to make it work?? may be settings I should have done properly??

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