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im a bit worried that the flash drive may already have a bad sector.
it seems to always hang at certain point when you try to format it. unless we could find the official website of "mark vision" and if they have their own special formatting/repair tool, im thinking you should consider sending the drive back for warranty.

the tigerdirect site says that the drive is under lifetime warranty. if the cost of sending the drive back is going to be cheaper then buying a new one, i suggest you return it.

well it might not hurt to buy a spare flash drive too.

my personal flash drive is a pqi brand 8gb, had it for two years now
the office flash drive we're using are transcend, passed around in the office, terribly abused with lots of data writing and deleting. no problems with it.

i previously bought a kingston flash drive, but unfortunately it was a clever fake (very slow writing speed, wrong data capacity, and did not have the correct serial number/model number as mentioned in kingston's website).

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