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Originally Posted by DominicD View Post
hi gullycan

first make sure that your sound devices are not "disabled" in the windows settings. click the start menu, control panel, then sound

Right click inside the playback tab, and make sure that it is set to
- Show disabled devices
- Show disconnected devices

if there are any disabled devices, click on them and unmute or check their volume settings


this is the download page that i could find for your laptop (take note that you have to select the version of vista that you are using)


then navigate to:

the direct link for windows vista 32bith sound driver:

i hope this helps
Thank you very much indeed Sir. Downloaded, extracted files and found a maze of items.

Just didn't know which or what to start with. Anyway clicked the 'set up' application and the driver got itself installed.

To test the sound, placed a dvd disk in and opened Blaze 6. It would NOT play.

Well, may be something wrong with Blaze because it was uninstalled during my
'No Sound'struggle days and reinstalled last night to test sound.

Could you please tell me how else to test sound on my laptop to see if the sound driver is installed correctly.

Kindly forgive me if my thoughts are haywire. For the last four days its a continous struggle and my mind is really tired.

You really are a wonder, thank you,



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