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hello k5eater,

is this a laptop or a desktop?
after pressing the ESC key, does it continue to windows?
does this error ALWAYS happen or is it only at random times?

how many hard drives and cd/dvd drives does your computer have?
are your hard drives IDE or SATA (or a combination of both)?
if possible, kindly post here the model and brand of your motherboard.
are using "cable select" settings on your hard drive?

check the bios settings of your computer:
primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave.

your hard drive that contains windows should be set as the "primary master"
all other drives can go to the primary slave/secondary master, secondary slave

****sorry for the number of questions, just feel free to answer what you know and what you can find from your computer. we can gather the details slowly and troubleshoot.

knowing the brand and model of your laptop/desktop would be the first step for us to troubleshoot

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