Thread: [Question] How do i re-install widows xp?
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Application problems - this is!

What brand is your PC? Do you have a friend with a disk? (Original Windows disk - not a brand named installed disk) Use that other persons disk and the ID code information on your computer on the MS security tag. Or try when the computer boots read the screen and see if there is a splash command to repair the OS. Sometimes under the alt F4, shift F8 or Delete or some other key combination that is posted on the screen to get to these sub-menu areas.

Could also try just the F4 when the boot process is going on and do a Safe Mode Boot on the system. And then look into the program files to find the recovery or disk building process..

Or go to the Manufactures site and look for your pc there and a manual on it and there is often tips and tricks to learn on how to recover systems..

Good Luck!

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