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Smile don't worry - back door is always good...

Not to worry if no one can reply to my previous statement.

I originally found the dual boot stuff at

I back doored the whole setup. I run a good number of PC's, servers and use drive imaging software - Paragon Pro.. Rebooted the machine to a drive image software of a past XP Pro machine and loaded it to the new partition. Redid the Vista boot repairing the bcdedit. Brought it up as Vista. Verified the MBR stuff there, rebooted the selection of Vista XP and selected XP. Had to verify the Genuine Windows and up date a few drivers to the different mother board and away the machine flies!!

A Quad CPU on XP is nuts. And this is a medium speed cpu and not over clocked. Stuff just pops and flies by.. and the gigabyte nic on XP is about as nuts with speed.. Oh on this home network I run some 15T (terabyte) of drive space in these machines - just play and learning.. double deep on back ups and drive images. so my down time is low for a home network and the 5 tv tuners... chow!

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