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Default How can I Stop the message "THE DISK IS NOT FORMATTED, DO U WANT TO FORMAT IT??"

Hello guys, This incident makes me want to cry.. I have this Flash drive, I have put plenty data in it. I have the virtual operating system it - prayaya. and I have installed plenty of programs on the virtual OS.. even dream weaver cs5 and flash proffessional that took me all most 2 days to install cos instalation on the PRAYAYA is slow. now at 90% of flash inst. the disk is telin me "The disk is not formated, do I want to format it" I felt like cryin..Please, my question goes _ is there a way of stopin this popup so I dont get to format it anymore and loose all the data in it. this is so awful.. Also what are ways of protecting ur flash to avoid this msg in future and precautionary measures in terms of handling and operating a flash drive..

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