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hi kaycee,

im sorry to hear that you had problems with your computer and had to do factory restore.

usually, factor restores would ask you to perform a backup first. were you asked to do a backup?

backups would usually be saved on a different partition other than the C drive.


open My Computer and check for other drives/partitions and see if the backups are there. a system restore typically deletes all your programs and documents. i does this to revert back to the guranteed working factory settings.

if the files are not there, we might need to use data recovery programs - like recuva

remember, if the files are indeed "gone" and net present anywhere in the hard drive, its best to turn off your computer, detach the hard disk, put it in an enclosure, plug the enclosure into a good and working computer. this way your hard disk is set as a removable drive.

on the working computer, install Recuva. Run Recuva on the enclosed hard dis. this way, Recuva will try to scan your enclosed hard drive and see what files it can restore.

Remember to restore the found files on the hard drive of the working computer. DO NOT restore the found files in the same hard drive that is in the enclosure itself.


i personally hope you find your backup files on another partition. this should be easier and less of a hassle. if the files are indeede nowhere to be found, we can try the Recuva solution. feel free to post here your progress on tackling this problem.

regards and goodluck!

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