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hi Zajo,
this type of problem requires us to do somewhat of a trial-and-error deductive troubleshooting.

1. check hard disk (and file system) that contains your windows drive
2. check RAM


Check the hard disk:

If you have second computer that you can use to attach the faulty computer's hard drive (using an enclosure OR by plugging it into an available ide/sata port). With the hard disk from the faulty computer connected to a working windows computer, perform a check disk on that drive. If there are any file/sysutem errors on that drive, it can be fixed and it should boot after.


Check the RAM

with the hard disk out of the faulty computer, check the RAM using "Memtest 86+" (you can use a floppy or CD that has Memtest 86+").

in detail:

1. determine if your computer has only 1 stick of RAM, or 2 sticks of RAM
2.1. if computer has only 1 stick of ram, then proceed to use Memtest 86+ to check your ram

2.2 if computer has two sticks of ram, then detach 1 stick and test with Memtest 86+ using only that single stick of ram. After passing memtest 86+ for at least "pass 4", test with the other stick of ram.

***these are my quick advice on how you can test this problem. post here if you have any questions about the said procedure or program (like Memtest 86+) goodluck

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