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Default try CCleaner

Hi joesue13,

I admit i havent been using any registry cleaning software since a year ago when i upgraded to new desktop running Windows 7. I have installed and uninstalled a lot programs, but so far havent noticed any slow performance.

Also i havent run disk clenup and defragment on this desktop. Your post intrigued me to try CCleaner - a registry cleanup tool from Piriform the makers of Recuva

below is my trial run of ccleaner

Here CCcleaner does a good job of detecting the right files to delete
Well, i didnt know that i had accumulated ~700mb of temp files! Also, since im an avid firefox user, i wouldnt have been able to track the temp files used by chrome.

This is the actual registry cleanup

Well, a personal note is that my 1yr old Win7 registry seems clean of errors EXCEPT for that one time when i did a quick install of MS Visual Studio. It installed A LOT of programs in the uninstall window. These are many programming components in MS Visual Studio 2010. A lot of them are still left in registry.

This is that startup list.
My computer seems clean -- as if have been constantly doing this manually with "msconfig"

IMHO, i think CCcleaner is also worth a try. It will be specially useful for non-techie users. First, it helps you determine and delete a lot of junk temp files that are safe to delete. Second, its registry cleanup tool is superb.

Other features are secure disk wiping (if you do this, its guaranteed that the files are truly deleted and cannot be recovered). Also a peculiar feature is the option for keeping sign-in cookies for trusted sites - like gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. This ensures that temporary advertising cookies are deleted, but you remain logged-in on trusted sites that you specify.

I hope this helps

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