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Thumbs up Top Anti-Virus and Internet Software

The best Anti-Virus and Internet software to place on your computers are the ones you have to spend a few bucks on. In my humble opinion, I believe that if you can't spend a few dollars on a reputable software program, you shouldn't be using a computer. A great way to find out which software programs are doing their jobs is to take a look at the VB 100 RAP Report at Virus Bulletin : VB RAP testing results
There you'll find all of the top named Endpoint Security Programs, and how they were ranked amongst each other. I personally like sunbelt security (VIPRE). I also like Coranti, PC Tools, Kaspersky, Webroot, and ESET NOD32. Those are just a few of the programs of my particular choice. Everyone has their own favorites. As far as free software programs, the only one I would recommend is Malware Bytes. In the end run, the way we use our computers is going to determine how they obtain viruses. Just be careful while surfing the internet. Mozilla Firefox has lots of security Add-Ons for their browser. I hope I was of some help to anyone !

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