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Question Can't get CDROM to work

Hi all,

I am reloading MSDOS on a new laptop that does not have a floppydrive.

I just downloaded a ISO for MSDOS7.1
I found this ISO through this site.

It installed perfectly, accept the CDROM will not work. I have several CDROM device drivers and have painstakingly edited the config.sys files many times.

Here is the funny thing that I can't get my head around.

I installed MSDOS7.1 from a CD, the install works perfect. Once the laptop is up and running, I can't get the CDROM to read any disc, not even the original disc that I installed it from.

I get the standard "Invalid media type reading drive D"

If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate some help.

MSCDEX is loaded high in autoexec
and I have tried oakcdrom.sys in config.sys


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