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Hi Please try this

1. How to make and use the MS-DOS 7.10 installation disk(s)?

Answer: To make the MS-DOS 7.10 installation disk(s) from the .IMG (floppy disk image), after unzipping the downloaded file (.ZIP), you should WRITE (not copy) the disk image (.IMG) into a floppy disk using a disk image program! A tool called MAKEBOOT is now included in the ZIP package so you can just type MAKEBOOT in the DOS prompt to make the boot disk directly. Or, you can use WinImage or similar to WRITE (Not just copy or extract files) it to a bootable floppy disk in the similar way. In addition, you may also emulate a floppy disk from the disk image (.IMG) in a virtual machine (e.g. Virtual PC and VMWare), and boot the system from this emulated floppy disk inside the virtual machine to start the installation directly.

2. How to start installing MS-DOS 7.10 when ready?

Answer: To start to install MS-DOS 7.10, you can just boot your system from MS-DOS 7.10 Installation Disk 1 or MS-DOS 7.10 Installation CD (because they are both bootable if you have made the disks/burnt the CD correctly), and then the installation will begin automatically soon.

Alternatively, you could boot your system from the hard drive (i.e. from Drive C which has any version of DOS installed already, or boot from any other MS-DOS 7.10 boot disk (not a MS-DOS 6.x boot disk or so in this case), and then go to Drive A: and type SETUP to start the MS-DOS 7.10 installation.

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