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Thanks for the comments guys!
And yes javester that is my rig (well rather it was, I kind of blew it up, nothing to do with the water cooling though )
So at the moment I have got a rather crappy machine
Still, I am saving up to buy a new rig to build myself
I will edit the current guide to explain some of my problems and fixes with that rig tho.

I wouldn't buy an Alienware machine if I were you javester, I think that you pay alot of money for basically a Dell in a new case, as all Alienware do is repackage other machines. And yes you could build the machine of your dreams for less than you would spend on the Alienware rig. I will post up the machine I am building (and the cost) in another post soon. So far its gonna cost me about £1700 all in (monitor etc) but for that money it kicks ass lol

William_Wilson there are plenty of good, quiet case fans out there that do a good job, but with the amount of watercooling questions appearing on the board I thought I'd have a crack at writing a guide. I know what you mean about the condensation, when I first built the pictured rig it had condensation all over it, but I just adjusted the fan speed and moved some of the components around until I had it working right.

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