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Wicked Guide FireFox!
I've looked into liquid cooled before, but i could never justify the money or danger of installing. I built a prototype once (never put it in my comp) cuz it simply created way too much condensation for my liking, and i just wasn't comfortable with the danger it would cause.
Currently i'm running the new Aeroflow, and 5 case fans, it's not as loud as you might think, and it keeps a CPU temp of 25C (77F), and a case temp of 36C (96F), so i'm not complaining. Plus i was able to purchae my Aeroflow with arctic silver compound (lost my other tube somehow) including shipping from for less than $35 canadian. decent case fans will run anywhere from $10-$35 each, but of course there are cheaper.
Maybe with all the spare parts i have lyin around i'll build a test comp and try it out when i get some time... then if i mess it up, atleast i won't lose anything that wasn't free in the first place, lol.


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