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Default Is that your rig, Firefox?

If you don't mind, perhaps, a quick tour of your setup, listing the components you used and other decisions you had to make in building a custom, water-cooled rig, would be really "cool"! (pardon the pun)

My generic Dell gaming machine is starting to show its age, and I'm starting to look around to see if I should just build my own rig or buy an Alienware Aurora, with the optional $190 liquid cooling system. This includes the Video Card cooling system, which on its own is 150 clams, so you only add 40 bucks for liquid cooling (and have a kewl rig out of the box at that!) They have a fairly decent, liquid-cooled setup for around 2k (

Still, I know that building your own system is a lot of fun too and was just wondering if I could build my own rig equal to the Aurora 7500 for less.

Thanks in advance!

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