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Cool Hold your horses...

Love crackers! If you do not have something worthwhile and/or constructive to add, keep it to yourself, thank you.

You must never have had to re-install a program more than once, twice or even three times until it finally breaks through whatever prevented it from working properly before. When you re-load windows, how many times does the disc stop, and tell you it can't find a file which is sitting right in front of it...and you have to go searching for it, for the computer.

>make sure that your system is as clean as a whistle
>defrag both drive and registry: run some reg cleaning progs
>see if you can work in safe mode...some progs can do the donkey work in there, but won't allow you to save a log file, or some other tid-bit
>see if you can reset the IP address with the router to a fresh one

You sound like a bright you will figure it out

You know, there is always someone that has to wave their pole to be noticed "squishyrob." We are not writing a tech manual here,...just chatting among what we would like to call friends...let's keep it warm and fuzzy. It has been some time since I have visited syschat. I left because of a few junk yard dogs that did not appreciate weakness in others...or their elders.

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