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my parents use dial-up and i have found few things that are able to accelerate it's speed.. it's just slow. If you have an adequite amount of RAM, this is about as much as you can do on the hardware end. As for accelerators, they all claim to imcrease your speed by 300% or something lame like that... if you read the fine print they are actually limiting the images, etc you download, the size and quality is also comprimised as Risherz mentioned.
The best thing to do, is use a pop-up blocker to save bandwidth that way, also try increasing the cache size of webpages, this will use more harddrive space, but for infrequently updated sites it will dramatically increase your view time.
*You may also wish to try using ftp, for downloads, etc, this will illiminate the graphic component all together and leave only the directory view.


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