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Quick note:
your motherboard should have the ide channels numbered
little numbers written above or below the place this cable attatches to the motherboard. For best results use the next available slot numerically.
If you already have another cd drive installed you may wish to use the same cable to attatch both, if you wish to do cd->cd copying i do not recommend this if you have a choice. Otherwise there should be no performance loss in doing so.
You can look at the connections on your hard drive it will be the other drive connected by an IDE cable to compare the results.
don't forget to plug the power cable in, it will likely fit in both ways, so plug it in such that when looking at the front (drive tray) of the drive, the... yellow wire is to your left, as this is pin 1. (yes yellow, had to open my case and double check, lol) hope this helps


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