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Stop Phoenix Bios D686 Error

I recently Acquired a older Computer, Case name is 'Computer Center'.
I am guessing it was a Spare Parts Build.

All the components work fine Floopy, CD, Ect.
But the BIOS on the motherboard seem to be Corrupt.
First start up i got a 'Checksum Error' through BootBlock
Asking for a Sys-Disk.

I created many system Disk's from all kinda OS's and nothing worked.

Booted with out Hard Drive, Floopy, CD, Attached
Checked Each Memory stick for Errors
Used the 'ClearCMOS' jumper, And nothing
removed the battery for 1 min and now i get nothing. Monitor wont activate
during boot, Both the power and Hard drive light stay on. One Long
Continues Beep several seconds after Starting the computer.

They are Award Bios, Phoenix D686 Removable Bios Chip.
Motherboard is CA64-TC Rev A+
Intel 1.1ghz Processor with 512MB memory

My Q's:
Is there any other way to Flash the Bios?

I have a 32 Pin Chip Flasher, Is there a Program i can use to Flash the Chip

Are there any Advances in the LinuxBIOS projects that might Help here?

I have Access to Linux and Windows OS...
Thank you!


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