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Default Information Security Conference

Hacker Halted Conference-2010
Schedule: Hacker Halted Conference-2010, October 9-15th 2010, Miami Florida.
Hacker Halted is the premier information security conference of its kind in the world. Hacker Halted has one simple purpose, to address the threat of black hat hacking by equipping the white hats with the hacking techniques, tools and social engineering skills of a black hat.

Ethical Hacking Course at Hacker Conference:
The Certified Ethical Hacker Training is an intense 4-day event taught through complete immersion in the Information Security program. EC-Council’s Master Trainer will guide students through latest tools and techniques used in computer security, Internet security, and general information security audits. To beat a hacker, you must think like a hacker, that is the knowledge transferred to students attending this course. Recognized as a Computer Network Defense Service Provider Security Certification by Department of Defense DOD Directive 8570, recognized by the National Security Agency as CNSS 4013 Advanced (Systems Administrator), CEH is sure to pack in the skills and knowledge required to be a skilled Information Security Practitioner.
Hacker Halted Academy Explained:

Hacker Halted Academy is the premier live-training solution for the discerning IT Security professional. It is divided into 3 separate categories, namely:

1. Live Class by EC-Council
2. Deep Dive
3. Partner Class

Live Class by EC-Council

Brought to you exclusively by EC-Council, Hacker Halted Academy's Live Class comprises 3 separate classes: CEH, CHFI and ECSA. You select any one of the three. Your class will be helmed by EC-Council Certified Master Instructors who will ensure that you get the learning experience of CEH, CHFI and ECSA like nowhere else.

Deep Dive
Are you CEH certified? Are you ready to up your level? Deep Dive comprises 2 separate classes which will immerse you in the advanced version of CEH. Each class will be focusing on different modules of CEH to ensure you join an 3l3t3 group of ethical hackers. Developed by two EC-Council CertifiedMaster Instructors, Deep Dive gives you an option to level up with all the right skills, tools and armor.

Partner Class
As its name says, Partner Class will be a select group of classes which will be brought to you exclusively to Hacker Halted by our partners. Partners and their certification classes brought into Hacker Halted Academy will give you the option to join a class where you feel you have the most need right now. Participants of all 3 classes will be automatically registered to attend the Hacker Halted conference on Oct 13 & 14, as well as the post-conference workshop on Oct 15.

To know more information visit this link: security conference

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