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Default Vista HDD in XP computer

Hi all,
I have an old laptop HDD that I want to recover (i.e. put in my computer and copy the required information from). The HDD is a Hitachi SATA drive. I read online that SATA laptop HDD's sometimes use the exact same connections as a normal computer HDD and checked, the connections worked.

I then booted my PC and went into my bios to see if my PC was recognising the drive, which it was. Then I started windows XP (my OS on my PC). When loaded, I looked in "My Computer" and realised that the drive was not listed. I have had issues like this before and went directly to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, and Storage. Under storage I saw all my drives listed bar the Hitachi drive.

I then went to System -> Hardware ->Devices and clicked on drives where I saw the Hitachi listed.

The laptop HDD has Vista installed on it. Is it possible that there is a compatibility issue with the HDD because of Vista being on it and my PC using XP?

Is there anyway to get the laptop HDD working on my PC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...I've asked yahoo and had not luck and extensively searched the net with no luck...

Really really need some guidance..


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