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I reckon you would be best off either investing in an ethernet (Cable Modem RJ-45 on each end) type cable or a suitable length USB cable with the "A Type" connectors on both ends, and then plug whichever one have from a desktop PC (Presuming u have one) or which ever source it was yout were intending to use.
Then just use the drive you wish to install Windows on as a Slave drive, and is able to be accessed trhough you desktop pc, then just run which Windows Version you wish to install on your slave drive, from your desktop pc, the same as if you were installing windows on a single PC.
All you do then, is just choose the "Full" installation and when your asked to chose the hard drive to install it too, just pcik the slave drive.

or if u can get hold of someone with a USB Stick, u can install windows from that from something as likttle as a 1GB USB Stick, aslong as u can access the laptops BIOS, and try hitting the "Return To Factory Default Settings" then choose USB as a Boot Device option, and disable anything else that can boot or even cannot boot the laptop, then atleast your minimizing all possible bootlable items from maybe restricting you from seeing the USB Device installed.

Worth a try.


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