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Unhappy install os via network

hi, i wondering if anyone can help. im currently trying to install an os (xp, vista or 7, whichever is easiest) via network and i havnt got a clue where to start. i have an old hp nx9030 laptop with a dodgy optical drive (works ok when in windows, doesnt when installing????) which i tried to install 7 on, it let me delete then told me i didnt have the correct drivers for the cd/dvd so i couldnt install! so now im left with a laptop with no os and no option to boot from usb in bios and an *apparently* dodgy optical. so my only option is network install. where do i begin and what do i need? do i need a third computer (like a server) or a crossover cable? remember i have NO os installed. where could i find the cd/dvd drivers, ive searched everywhere. i also havnt been able to find an updated bios with usb boot function, hp website isnt very helpful, or i would have just flashed then usb booted. please help! thanks in advance, Rob.

do i need an os to be able to install via network?

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