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@kaycee It was listed as an all-in-one, which is a compact desktop computer. If you would like to see what it looks like, try:
Gateway ZX6800-03 - ProductWiki unbiased product reviews

These compact computers have issues regularly. The small cases being so close to the monitor cause heat issues which can cause countless hardware failures and BSOD problems.
No offense to gateway, but I've always found their computers hit and miss and their support far worse.
Assuming it is not heat related, this issue is usually memory related, it could originate in any hardware device with memory. More specifically, it could be the video card, motherboard, RAM or far less likely the CPU.
A quick Google search leads me to believe this is a common issue on several machines, Dell, Gateway, etc. The most common culprit in this case is probably a driver or bios version. If it is at all possible I would suggest trying to update your bios or reverting to an older version and similarly to your video drivers.
If this does not solve anything, the easiest hardware to test is the RAM, if you can access it, it is possible the issue is with the RAM slot and not the dim itself. Leaving 1 RAM slot open at a time may find this issue.


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