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Default Resetting BIOS password

Some BIOS requires a password to be entered before the computer can boot. You are having a similar problem. Hence you need to reset the BIOS password.

The BIOS password is generally stored in CMOS memory which is powered by a small battery while computer is turned off. This battery is attached to the motherboard. You have to remove this battery. Due to non availability of power, BIOS cannot be loaded and all CMOS information, including the BIOS password is lost. Then you can boot the system and reset your BIOS password at earliest. There are various kinds of software available on the internet which can be used to reset the BIOS password. After resetting the password, turn-off the system and put the battery back to its place and boot the system. You may need to re-enter the CMOS setup settings before using the system. This information can be found either on your system manual or on the internet.

Some motherboards have battery soldered with it, hence you can’t pluck the battery. In such motherboards a jumper is provided which acts like a switch and hence can be used to clear the BIOS password. The location of jumper is indicated on the motherboard documentation. Pluck-out the jumper and follow the same process.

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