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I tried this but everything I slide down wants to be pinned to Internet Explorer What is wrong? Is there a setting somewhere to stop the pinning to IE?

Originally Posted by dwarkarao View Post
Windows 7 do not have the show desktop icon as it was present in the earlier versions of the Windows. Actually speaking the Show Desktop Icon is very handy when you are working on several applications and you suddenly want to come to the desktop.

On the extreme right bottom corner we have a small button kind of thing which reveals the function only when you move mouse over it.

This feature can anyhow be made available in Windows 7, the below steps will guide you how to get he icon back on.

Step 1: Click on Start and type in Notepad in the search panel.

Step 2: Type in the following lines of code in it:


Step 3: Note that there is no space between , and 3 in the third line of the code.

Step 4: Go to file menu and click on save as. And save the file as Show Desktop.scf and save it on your desktop.

This icon can also be pinned to the taskbar by just dragging in the icon to the taskbar. Now when ever you want to show the desktop then you can just go to start and click on the show desktop. This can always be handy and it can be a real good help.

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