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trouble Memory error

Hi there

I hope you can help with this issue.

I have a Dell XPS 420, which recently decided to stop working, a test came up with error code 0123, msg error code 2000-0123, memery integrity test fault. I ran some aditional test to narrow down the problem, they included swapping around on the memory modules, removing the internal battery, checking the hard drive for bad sectors, all did not shed any new lights to the problem. I then purchased 2 new memory stick and installed them, the problem remained the same. I asume for some reason the memory stick sockets is faulty, but can not for the life of it understand why this would happen to 2 set of memory sockets A + B. There remain 1 more solution, but I am not really happy with loosing all my programs etc by re-installing a possible bad windows vista operating system. Does any of you fine gents have any possible ideas or solutions?

Thanks in advance.


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