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Page White Word Gateway 500 XL

Hello All,

I'm replying to my own thread just for info.

I fooled around with UBUNTU for a couple of weeks, but it takes too much thought. Besides, I am using a winmodem & installing UBUNTU drivers for it was way too much work. So I bought a cheap, legal XP 2000 Professional SP 2 disk and loaded it on the Gateway drive (Maxtor 40 G).

Before I shut down the Dell, I used EASEUS Partition Master home edition to copy the C:/ hard drive to the secondary hard drive. Then I removed the secondary drive and installed it in the Gateway. When I booted the Gateway, the secondary drive was read as a file! I then had all of my data available along with most of my downloads. Some transferred to the new O.S., others didn't. All I really wanted was my files anyway. I also moved the floppy drive & the CD-RW drive to the Gateway.
I found some cheap PC333 RAM, so now, for about $80, I have a Pentium 4 (3GHz & 1Gb of RAM, 80 GB disk memory) which is WAY faster than my old Dell .


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