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PC Recover Data on formatted Hard drives?

December 13, 2009 11:40 AM

I have a Gateway 5040 With a dual Core Pentium D Processor
and the Windows XP Media Center Edition home edition menu program.

The computer came with a 250 Gb SATA hard drive
and I subsequently added another 250 Gb SATA hard drive.

The problem is I was running out of disk space because
I was editing and recording VHS home videos to make DVDs so
I installed a 500 Gb SATA Hd in the primary SATA Channel and
moved the two nearly full 250 Gb Hds to the Secondary Channel. I then
proceeded to reinstall Window Xp and I was asked if I wanted to
format the HD; I said yes and the next thing I knew all three of the HDs
were formatted, it took just a split second. I finished loading Windows
XP on the computer. I knew I was in dire trouble with the old data and do
not have knowledge to regain the Data on the 250 Gb HDs. Windows
does have what is called the "PC Angel. I have not used this computer so
as to not overwrite the old data.

Is this data recovery possible with any of the tools Windows
XP has?

I have a just acquired a dual SATA docking Station and am considering
buying two more SATA drives and doing a New "HD Transfer" using the
software that comes with new drives, Is that necessary for safety?

Are there free programs for recovering that are from known virus
free sites?


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