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Default bios password on laptop, cannot even get through to windows HELP

Hello all,

I have a HP Mini 110xp n270 motherboard, ami bios. I opened up the whole computer to check if there was a pci-e slot open so I can install a video accelerator. I also unplugged the button battery like an idiot.

After I put the laptop back together it asks me "Enter CURRENT Password" in a black screen. I assume it's asking me for the BIOS password.

I called HP and they said "if you feel you need to work on your laptop you have to pay 300$ so we can repair it.
I love how they sell you the laptop but not the rights to "work on it"

I tried all the generic backdoor passwords, no luck.

After inputting 3 wrong passwords it says
"Password check failed
Fatal Error... System Halted.
and thats it.

I can't even get in to windows.

I assume there is a BIOS security chip on the hardware also...

PLEASE HELP.........

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