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Default Gateway 500 xl OS install

I purchased a Gateway 500 XLs P-4 tower 3 GHz, 512 Mb, 40 Gb H D. without any O.S. I am running a Dell Dimension 4100 800GHz, 512 Mb, 60 Gb H.D. with windows XP SP3. My Hard drive is 2 years old.
Can I remove the H.D. from the Dell & install it in the Gateway and boot up or must I do a fresh install? I do all my own work & have repaired a Dell laptop dead from a coffee spill, so I have some experience, but I am more of a hobbiest.
The two computers use video (Nvidia)& sound (Creative Labs) cards from the same suppliers, but not the same models. Will my XP have the needed drivers?
I intend to move some of the optical drives and disk drives also. At least move as much as there is space for.

Thanks for any help

I found my answer - NO! I'll do a fresh install of XP.

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