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Default How to Convert simple basic discs to dynamic discs

Hello Friends, please I need serious help to convert my laptop hard drive with pre installed vista premium from factory. the issue is this, I needed to install a software that wouldn't work/launch on my vista premium (Macromedia dreamweaver) so I decided to install Xp or server 03 to enable me use the dreamweaver. Now I needed to shrink my vista partition to give me a space where I'd install my server 03. (from a tutorial I also saw here on syschat). But when I try to prepare or format the new carved out partition via Gui, it tells me the OS(vista) does not support converting 'simple basic disc' to 'dynamic disc'. please is there a way I could do this or any software that could help me do it? better still, if anybody knows anything I could do to make my dreamweaver work on my vista premium, please I'd be greatly pleased and would appreciate it. thanks so much in anticipation.

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