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Default This may help you resolve the problem

The Error1305: Set-up cannot read file path or file name.

There are possible causes for this Error. First, there might be a problem with you CD if you are installing from CDROM. There could be an interference or conflict of software. Secondly, there may be a problem to the network drive or there might be a hardware problem with the ROM drive.

To solve this specific error, try the following suggestions. If you are installing from CD, try to clean the installation CD including the CDROM with clean cloth or cleaning kit, or clean the installation CD with warm water. Check the CD for scratches or deformation. If you think the disk is damage, obtain a replacement. You may also try to map a drive if you are installing from a shared network location, using the Windows Explorer within My Computer and follow the instruction in the Map Network Drive.

Another suggestion is to Clean Boot the system. The Windows OS will only load basic services and devices when a clean boot is executed. To clean boot the system, click START > RUN > type msconfig > OK. Click GENERAL tab > Selective Startup. Under Selective Startup uncheck the following: Process SYSTEM.INI, Process WIN.INI, Load Startup Items. Within the services tab, click Hide All Microsoft Services > Disable All > OK. Restart the PC.

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