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Thumbs down My computer does not have enough boot files to startup.

I have an important problem to tell you. Well here we go, my brother installed a new update on my computer and it said "IMPORTANT UPDATES TO INSTALL" and one of the updates it said was to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2. So he installed it and maybe their was an error installing. So somehow, after we shut down the computer, one day later we turned it on, and it just kept turning off and on by itself. It kept booting up slowly to one part and then turned off and turned on again. It wouldn't stop. I left it alone thinking it would finally boot up correctly but it continued to turn off and on for about 10 minutes. Finally i just unplugged it and left it alone for the night. The next morning I checked it to see if it would continue and it did. I then called my older brother because he studied computers in college and he told me that maybe the service pack did not install correctly and that it may have DELETED BOOT UP FILES which will cause the computer to not boot up. Also he told me that i might have to get a Windows Vista recovery disc. And that is what his suggestion was. Will recovering my computer delete everything I have on my PC? Because that would be terrible. Please help me. I hope I explained it enough.

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