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I appreciate your help.
Normally I would install the driver before using it but since I bought the pc used it did not come with it so I tried to download it but I did not have any luck in finding the right driver for this video card
What is confusing to me is the title "initial display" in bios I think it should say something like "select display" or something like that
"initial display" to me it means that initially it will use the display chosen Ok but what happens after that ? Does it switch to another display ? if so at what point ? If not than why call it initial when it stays permanent until it's changed in bios to a different display ?
Right now I am using the onboard display and it's seems to be ok with what I am doing so far I just wanted to see if I cen get this card to work in case I need it or just throw it out and get a new one if I need it

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