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Although there are several third-party software programs that will enable you to backup, restore, and manage your Internet browser bookmarks or favorites, all modern browsers today include bookmark managers and are capable of backing up and restoring your bookmarks and/or favorites. Below is a listing of each of the major browsers and how to backup and recover your Internet bookmarks or favorites.
For Firefox you may try the following suggestions; Browse and Navigate to the Hard disk where your Windows is installed. Then go to the following location “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\” Where User is the name with which you log into windows. Inside the Profiles folders you should see a single directory or multiple directories if you are using multiple Firefox Profiles. Select your Default Firefox Directory. Inside this Directory you will see a folder called “bookmarkbackups” go into this folder. You will see a bunch of html Files name bookmarks and a date. These are the bookmarks that have been backup for the last five days by Firefox. Select a file that is a day or two older than todays date.
For example today’s date is 2007-05-22 then select bookmarks-2007-05-21.html i.e a file which is a day older.Copy this file and rename it to bookmarks.html. Put this file in the main Default profile Directory and replace the old file. Start Firefox (Assuming that it was closed)

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