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Originally Posted by lurkswithin View Post
The first office program may have to be uninstalled prior to installing the other version as there has been some major issues dealing with the trial version screwing everything up
Some times the trial version just will not uninstall at all and you will have to manually do it.
Hi. I am using Vista Home Prem. Referrring to my earlier post above, my Trial version expired in May after which I have not been able to sync my Motorola Q9 smartphone with MS Outlook and use the rest of MS Office(i.e about 2 months no back-up). I could still receive emails even though I can't send out emails.

I have just removed the Trial version last week but they didn't ask me for the product key for its removal, should they? I wonder if I did it correctly. I have also installed a new MS Office which I purchased(not online but with disc from the shops) and it comes with MS Outlook. I can use the rest of the MS Office now(Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc) together with sending and receiving emails via MS Outlook. However, I am still unable to sync my smartphone with MS Outlook. Appointments and Tasks from May till now are still not synchronised from that of my Smartphone.

The settings on my smartphone have been configured to sync past appointments and to override the desktop if there is a conflict. Is there something wrong with the MS Outlook?

Would appreciate some assistance. Thanks.

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