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Network Windows server 2003 network thought

Hey gang,

Thanks for reading and helping me with this little problem. My client knows nothing about computers. He has a server with four destops and one laptop.

The laptop is not in the domain but I have that able to use the wireless network there. He only wants to access the internet. So he has a free lan plug in his office and he wants me to set up a way for his clients to beable to plug in their computers to that plug and gain access to the internet without being a part of the domain or being able to see the network.

This is my thought. I might inform you that his system uses static ip's. He has some programs that is dirt old that has to have static ip so anyway keep that in mind.

I set an ip on the server to be part of the domain so the server will recognize it and allow it to access the internet. Now when the client plugs into the lan plug, he will have to set the alternate configuration of what ever laptop he is using to the specified ip add. Would this get the job done and keep the security of the network intact?

Thoughts please on this.

Thank you!!

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