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trouble File no longer located in...

Hi, I have a similar problem, but let's say that I don't want to delete the video file, at least not yet, I just want to back it up, but the program wont do it since the file generate a meesage of no longer located in.

Actually the problem is with three folders, each one with a part of Pirates of the Caribbean, I can copy the Subs folder, some sample vid, but the vid per se no, even if I rename it to i.e. 1.mp4, it continue not finding it, but funny thing, it can be played and it's perfect but it can't be moved, deleted (I guess, not want to try), or copied into another place on the computer.

I checked all the properties of the file, and I found nothing out of the ordinary. Is there any particular reason for which some files will prompt for that error? Are they protected somehow?

I have more than 10 movies (from the same source) with the same file extention and subfolders, but only this one have this problem.

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